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  • Joshua J. Hamilton

This is Alabama Turns 3

In July of 2016 I was invited to work on a project for Alabama Media Group called "This is Alabama". The idea was to create a documentary series that showed in detail a few of the things that made our state a great place to live, run a business, raise a family, or just visit. In short, our mission was to "share the good". And since I grew up here, I knew there was some good stuff worth sharing.

In the beginning it was me and another video producer, Luke Porter, and we got to work producing short documentary videos in August of 2016. We drove all over the state, met a lot of people, and edited so much content. In December that same year we launched our Facebook and YouTube pages and released our first videos. Since then This is Alabama has become so much more than a documentary series. It has become a movement.

From showcasing all the beauty Alabama's wild places have to offer, to making people laugh with southern comedy and silly weather memes, This is Alabama has worked tirelessly to show its audience that we have things we should be proud of here, and that we can all join together in celebrating our craftsmanship, kindness, ingenuity, artistry, and natural wonder. And at least partly because of this work, we can say with confidence and love; This is Alabama, and this is our home.


Below is a playlist that features all of This is Alabama's past and present video producers talking about their favorite videos over the last 3 years. Enjoy!

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